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Southern Highway.

In the southern hemisphere the seasons and climate are reversed from those in the northern hemisphere. While you are experiencing winter in the United States or Europe, in Patagonia it's summer, and we are enjoying some of the best weather of the region!

The Northern Patagonia summer offers long, warm, sunny days and cool nights. Typical temperatures are in the 70s and 80s during the day, dropping to about 50 degrees at night, depending on the elevation. Here, also, are the Southern Lights, where you may be treated to a supernatural 'sound and light' show of crimson and gold that transforms into an apocalyptic fiery maelstrom.

Night sky near our Camp.You cannot drive directly in or out of Aisen region except through Argentina (due to the huge icefields at the south and impossible terrain to the north). It is, however, possible to enter using ferries from Puerto Montt to either Chaiten or Puerto Chacabuco. Alternatively, the road from Puerto Montt into Aisen can be driven using three separate ferry connections (which only operate in summer). See map on Our Location page.

By far the easiest easiest way to visit is to fly from Santiago to Balmaceda airport (the main airport for the region) which is located about 50-km south of Coyhaique. It is roughly a 3-hour flight from Santiago via Puerto Montt (2-hours from Santiago to Puerto Montt, and a further hour from Puerto Montt to Balmaceda).

Chile is, without a doubt, one of the safest and most relaxing South American countries to travel in, and Aisen provides the greatest kaleidoscope of panoramas. It is a country with the lowest level of corruption in Latin America - less corrupt than a number of more developed countries such as France and Japan, and increasingly the UK and the USA.

And I think that I would much sooner be stopped by a cop of the Carabinero de Chile than a Highway Patrolman in Mississippi.

Northern Hemisphere/Southern Hemisphere
November is equivalent to May
December is equivalent to June
January is equivalent to July
February is equivalent to August
March is equivalent to September
April is equivalent to October


Sports Activities/Patagonia Season
Fly fishing: October to May
Sea kayaking: November to April
Horse riding: December to April
Trekking and hiking: November to April
Whitewater rafting: December to April
Mountain Biking: November to May
Canyoning: December to March
Bird watching: December to March
Sightseeing: October to May
Skiing and Snowboarding: June to September


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